Awesome Autumn Season! Whistler, BC

Photo courtesy of: and Photographer: Justa Jeskova

Let’s take time to share the joys of Autumn season activities and events in Whistler! Global visitors and Whistler residents enjoy the quieter days between the wrap up of the Whistler Bike Park and other fun summer adventures to prepare their skis & snowboards for upcoming Whistler Blackcomb winter season! Also, be prepared for the autumn weather

When planning your trip to Whistler … many community events are noted on the Tourism Whistler Events Calendar as a great place to set your dates of arrival. Review local business + community organization websites for promotions of free events, discounted activities, meal promotions & music nights. It’s a great idea to set up a “Sunday to Thursday” mini-holiday to enjoy hotel rate packages or nightly rental property or B&B options!

Photo courtesy of: and Photographer: Justa Jeskova

Autumn is a wonderful time: rest, reflect in nature + recharge!

Are you considering your ‘next life chapter’ – potentially moving to our community to enjoy living here full-time or purchasing a part-time rental investment property? My goal as your “Lifestyle Locator” Realtor Advisor is to help with your journey of discovery to align with your future real estate plans. You work hard to plan ahead for your future = let’s start today to blend your work + adventure schedules, to purchase your Whistler Resort property, in the Sea to Sky Corridor of British Columbia. You deserve it!

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We often meet inspiring people in Whistler that live here and visit, to help us build our sense of “Global Community” connections + caring!

As a Whistler local resident with global connections & ‘get it done’ business acumen & life focus my guest speaker – Laurie Cooper: Anchor.FM Podcast

Take the opportunity to volunteer, send money and/or provide support for Canadian refugee(s), to help them get settled in your community!   

Here’s a CBC Interview with Laurie and Hassan: 

Also … another way to contribute is the Canada Caring = Baby Box Project    

Thanks again Laurie and we’ll keep in touch via What’s App / LinkedIn / Facebook and other social media platforms with your amazing non-profit organization Canada Caring

Whistler Staging Co. Interview

Over the years of working as a Real Estate consultant we meet positive & proactive business network colleagues that greatly benefit real estate clients and we enjoy working with them from the start to completion of a project. Then it’s great to reconnect with business colleagues for fun community events, mountain biking + winter sports. A wonderful life!

In the awesome Lifestyle Community of Whistler along the Sea to Sky Corridor of scenic British Columbia = we are able to work and take time to play, plus meet up with people around the world, who are enjoying ‘special + memorable’ holiday time.

Then we often find those holidays bring more visitors back again year-round to take in many community events and lifestyle adventures and make a plan to join us as residents in Whistler = whether for a full-time / part-time / rental investment Resort property.

With this in mind … encourage you to watch this YouTube Video Interview with Georgia Hybner, Owner of Whistler Staging Co. = whether staging your Whistler home, townhouse or condominium residence to enjoy or when selling or buying – encourage you to contact Georgia for insightful, professional assistance!

Enjoy Mountain Biking in Sea to Sky Corridor, BC

Exciting mountain bike trails around the Sea to Sky Corridor!

A wonderful part of our lifestyle is mountain biking and we enjoy sharing this amazing sport with all levels of riders! My first 1 speed bike was a banana seat bike – a wild ride with streamers on the handlebars. Then, I moved to a 10 speed Peugeot road bike and my first mountain bike – Rocky Mountain Hammer had 1 inch of suspension which I thought was “rad”.

Now we’re riding cross country bikes with 5″ / downhill bikes with 8″ of suspension respectively. Taking lessons to learn biking is highly recommended! Also, working with local bike shops to keep them tuned-up!

In the Whistler Region – where we spend most of our biking time along the amazing Resort Municipality of Whistler multi-use trail system

Then, for those more adventurous are the Whistler Downhill Bike Park, trails, which many visitors call “their top choice” on list of global Bike Parks.

Encourage you to explore these mountain bike websites for the different groups in Sea to Sky Corridor. Take time to plan your trip and equipment needed. Be prepared for weather, on-trail maintenance and first-aid kit.

Squamish Off Road Cycling Assn

Whistler Off Road Cycling Assn

Pemberton Off Road Cycling Assn

Please share your mountain bike trail adventures on this lifestyle blog!

To register your bike – this is a handy website: 529 Garage

Further bike safety information, check out this: BC Government website

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Morning Rest & Reflection

Coffee and Tea

Engel & Völkers Whistler

Let’s picture ourselves sharing a coffee and chat together at my home in scenic Whistler.

It’s 5 am and the stars are still shining against the clear dark sky background and the region is quiet while we await the sunrise to the east over Whistler / Blackcomb Mountain.

This is a quiet time, a reflective time to possibly listen to a TedX talk; listen to a meditation tape; read a book; draw. This is the important time of the day to contemplate your day outcomes.

In my morning world, after that lovely quiet time – this is also a time of day to check out the real estate markets in Whistler, British Columbia and Canada is to read articles, property listings updates & trends.

If you want to find out more about Whistler check out Kathy’s Lifestyle Locator Podcast

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Global Citizens Connect Through Travel & Culture!

Living in Whistler, BC – Canada is a special place in the world = yet feel it’s always important to take a break from work schedule to “unplug” and go to visit with friends and family and then explore other global locations too!

For example – recently we toured amazing New York City and were humbled by the tour of 911 Memorial and One World Trade Center to then see Come From Away – excellent live theater show about how the Airport at Gander Newfoundland had around 7,000 = “911 redirected plane people” into their town. When you look at my FaceBook page – you’ll see the the bird of peace, that’s my vision and law of attraction goal for humanity: one world / no borders … inclusive culture & mother earth protection.

As part of our community are many organizations that local and visitors can find out about to connect for our events and initiatives … look forward to helping you with any questions about our Resort = the 2010 Winter Olympic Host Village …this is one of my favourite songs from the opening that aligns with how I focus on life from singer:  Nikki Yanofsky

Come join us in Whistler … welcoming people from around the world!

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