Phase 1 and Phase 2: Whistler, BC

As a full-time Realtor® Advisor / Personal Real Estate Corporation in Whistler with over 20+ years of realty career experience in the British Columbia, happy to share my perspective on these two property uses in our wonderful year-round Resort (Winter 2010 ~ Olympic Host Village), just north of Vancouver and YVR Airport.

Photo Credit: Tourism Whistler

Here is Resort Municipality of Whistler = summary of Phase 1 & 2 for your review:

  • Phase 1 rental pool covenants are less restrictive than Phase 2 rental pool covenants. Phase 1 covenants are intended to maximize occupancy of properties for use by owners and visitors. When not in owner use, the covenants generally require the accommodation units be made available to the public through a rental pool. For properties where the covenant does not specify a single, integrated rental pool, RMOW Council policy supports multiple rental booking and unit management arrangements within a property, including the self-management rental of units by owners. RMOW Business License: Click Here
  • Example Phase 1: The Aspens / Town Plaza / Glacier’s Reach (you’ll see via websites property owners can self-manage or hire a company to manage bookings / operations)

Photo Credit: Tourism Whistler

  • Phase 2 rental pool covenants require that all units must be available for commercial rental to the public at all times except for limited owner use. Owners have a basic allotment for personal use of their unit, limited to 28 days for a defined summer period and 28 days for a defined winter period. Terms specifying how and when owners may use their basic allotment are detailed in the covenants. The terms also specify opportunities for additional owner use. Every accommodation unit on the property must be placed or listed in a single, integrated rental pool, as selected by the strata owners, through which the units will be made available for rental to the public. This provides for the orderly and assured management of reservations and use of units by the public and unit owners.
  • Example Phase 2: Westin Resort & Spa / Pan Pacific Mountainside / Four Seasons Resort

Encourage those who are looking to sell and buy a Phase 1 and 2 rental covenant property and other forms of property ownership in Whistler from deeded time ownership, quarter-share and residential zoned regions to reach out via email: [email protected] or call / text: 1-604-616-6933 for further assistance. There are indeed complexities for each community complex / building in Whistler and further research is very important.

As a Realtor®, I would also encourage everyone to hire independent legal, accounting and other professional consulting advice before proceeding, plus evaluating the current Federal, Provincial and Municipal Taxes and ongoing property costs that apply each year. I’m here to help, visit