Whistler – Heat Pump / Furnace System Year-Round!

As we move into the future, in order to reduce climate change & increase sustainability …

Would like to promote the idea of you meeting with a local heating & plumbing company to explore installing a “Heat Pump / Furnace” dual-system for year-round use & cost savings.

Another opportunity is to explore energy & cost saving grants available with your installer!

For example, Clean BC via Resort Municipality is currently offering $350 rebate: Click Here

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Custom Air / Pipeline Heating / Pemberton Heating

Milani Heating / Western Technical Systems / Align Climate Solutions

A heat pump and furnace system in a townhouse typically refers to a dual-fuel heating system that combines the benefits of both a heat pump and a furnace. This type of system is designed to efficiently heat your home in various weather conditions.

  1. Heat Pump:
    • A heat pump is an electrical device that moves heat from one place to another. In heating mode, it extracts heat from the outdoor air (even in cold weather) and transfers it inside to warm the home.
    • Heat pumps are energy-efficient and cost-effective for moderate climates. However, their efficiency can decrease as the outdoor temperature drops.
  2. Furnace:
    • A furnace is a heating system that generates heat by burning fuel, typically natural gas or propane. This produces warm air, which is then circulated through the house via a system of ducts.
    • Furnaces are effective in providing reliable and consistent heat, especially in colder climates.

How the System Works:

  • In milder temperatures, the heat pump is the primary heating source. It operates efficiently and economically by using ambient air to extract heat.
  • As outdoor temperatures drop, the system may automatically switch to the furnace. Furnaces are more effective in extremely cold conditions, providing reliable heat even when the heat pump’s efficiency decreases.
  • The system is often equipped with a thermostat that can automatically switch between the heat pump and the furnace based on the outdoor temperature or other programmed parameters.


  • Energy Efficiency: The heat pump operates efficiently in moderate temperatures, while the furnace provides reliable heat in colder conditions.
  • Cost Savings: The system can be cost-effective, as it utilizes the most energy-efficient method based on the current outdoor conditions.
  • Versatility: The system adapts to varying weather conditions, providing comfort throughout the year.


  • Installation: Proper installation and sizing of both the heat pump and furnace are crucial for optimal performance.
  • Thermostat Control: A programmable thermostat with dual-fuel capabilities is often used to manage the transition between the heat pump and furnace.

It’s important to note that the specific configuration and features of the dual-fuel system may vary, and consulting with a qualified HVAC professional is recommended for a system tailored to the specific needs of your townhouse.

Encourage those who are looking to install or replace a property heating system, or exploring option to sell and buy a property in our Resort will reach out to connect via email: [email protected] or call / text: 1-604-616-6933 for further assistance. As a Realtor┬« Advisor / Personal Real Estate Corporation, I would also encourage everyone to hire independent legal, accounting and other professional consulting advice before proceeding, plus evaluating the current Federal, Provincial and Municipal Taxes and ongoing property costs that apply each year. I’m here to help, visit WhistlerHomes.com