Lifestyle Locator: CVC Custom Builders Interview

CVC CUSTOM BUILDERS: CLICK HERE Making Dream Homes Reality With over a decade of experience serving the Sea to Sky Corridor, CVC Custom Builders have mastered the craft of custom home construction, interior renovating, exterior home remodel, home remediation and general contracting. Every aspect of your dream home is meticulously tailored to reflect your unique style, desires, and aspirations.

A book Nathaniel Furst recommends you read: “Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss” Books: CLICK HERE

Here is a link to the video interview with Nathaniel Furst: CLICK HERE

Also, at this time July, 2024 …. the BC Government has recently introduced Bill 44 the Stronger BC housing densification plan: CLICK HERE

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The Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) are in the midst of rolling out the criteria of the Small Scale Multi-Unit Housing new bylaw and we can discuss further details whether selling or buying: CLICK HERE there is a team of consultants to clarify before proceeding.

Encourage you to reach out to CVC Custom Builders and other Canadian Home Builders Assn – Sea to Sky: CLICK HERE when exploring a Whistler legacy home or renovation!

Visit CLICK HERE for further assistance to research and sell and/or buy you Whistler year-round Resort legacy Chalet home, rental investment property.

If you connect with Kathy White by email: [email protected] and we schedule a coffee and chat for around 30 minutes to discuss real estate in Whistler or for other regional area of BC / Canada … happy to mail you some delicious coffee from Forecast Coffee & a tasty chocolate bar from Whistler Chocolate as my thank you gift.

Explore BC Year-Round Resort Community: Sun Peaks

Wow, is all we can say = it’s fantastic to see our Beautiful British Columbia regional areas!

Very thankful to win a trip to visit our amazing team of Realtor Advisors colleagues at E&V – Sun Peaks Resort. We are part of the expert global Engel & Völkers – real estate network!

It’s always good to view Drive BC before planning your trips around BC. We took the scenic Duffy Lake highway 99 over to Lillooet. Then along the scenic highways that feature the historical part of the BC Gold Rush trail & Ranchlands and Rivers trail to enhance our drive through community areas. We arrived to Sun Peaks to enjoy a few of days of spring skiing!

Once settled into the Sun Peaks Resort – whether for skiing, snowboarding or cross country skiing there is an excellent variety of lifts and ski slopes to explore for novice to expert!

You may get the exciting chance to meet our favourite Canada Olympic Skier & Senator: Nancy Greene Raine

Check out Sun Peaks Resort Tourism Office for the long list of winter + summer activities!

You’ll want to plan time for forest walks, hiking, xc- mountain bike trails & lift access Sun Peaks Bike Park

When looking to buy your Sun Peaks full-time legacy Resort home or get-away vacation property, view this current E&V – Sun Peaks marketed development: Switchback Creek

Highly recommend Mini Moose AirBnB for restful & relaxing accommodation during your future trip to Sun Peaks. You’ll meet wonderful local community residents and other global visitors. Drive or fly into Kamloops Airport and take the shuttle bus to Sun Peaks soon! Others will follow your lead to invest in this dynamic year-round Resort community.

Lifestyle Locator Interview: Nurse Next Door

with Owner / Local Partner: Shannon Kirkwood

Shannon and her team at Nurse Next Door help with home care services in the communiies of: Whistler, Squamish to Lion’s Bay and then across to the Sunshine Coast from Gibsons and Sechelt up to Powell River.

Connect via Nurse Next Door website and search locations: Click Here

Phone Shannon at: +1 604-747-2847 Here is our YouTube Interview: Click Here

Nurse Next Door serves communities to provide compassionate 24 hour senior care services for your loved ones. I worked with Shannon and her team to assist my husband who was recovering from double knee replacement surgery in Whistler and happy to share my client testimonial of their professional, friendly and caring services provided! Also, as I have been the Chair of the Volunteer Board at Whistler 55 Plus Group: Whistler MAC

I can share the knowledge from our membership that “Happier Aging” is about celebrating the wisdom and experience that comes with age. It’s not the tasks that make a difference in a senior’s life; it’s about finding those gems that bring a senior happiness. Families can expect a caring, committed and passionate team of caregivers and nurses that have clients and their happiness as a top priority. Through their 24/7 Care Services Center, we provide services 365 days a year; 7 days a week; 24 hours per day. T

This means that if a need arises unexpectedly, even in the middle of the night, clients and their family members can expect someone to help them. In addition to their 24/7 availability, Nurse Next Door’s focus is on continuity of care and to provide “a perfect match” between client and caregiver. They pair clients and caregivers based not only on needs, but wants as well. Nurse Next Door is proud to serve local communities near you.

Nurse Next Door provides experts in Alzheimer’s & dementia as well. Connect through the website to find out full details of caring services.

From our interview together – here’s a book Shannon recommends: “Tuesdays with Morrie” via Amazon Canada link: Click Here

Product Tip – Lightweight jacket, even in summer … check out the shops via Whistler Chamber of Commerce – Business Directory: Click Here

________________________ Extra Note:

If you connect with Kathy White – Realtor® Advisor / Personal Real Estate Corporation at Engel & Völkers – Whistler via email: [email protected] and we schedule a coffee and chat for around 30 minutes to discuss real estate in Whistler or for other regional area of BC / Canada … happy to mail you some delicious coffee from & a tasty Whistler Chocolate Bar from as my thank you gift.

Lifestyle Locator Interview: Christina Rupp, Coordinator United Way ~ Better at Home in the Sea to Sky Corridor

Meet Christina Rupp, Coordinator of the United Way / Better at Home program managed through Sea to Sky Community Services:

Here is the YouTube Interview link: Click here

Better at Home Summary: United Way, British Columbia:

Supporting the non-medical needs of older adults in British Columbia Recognizing a growing need Seniors and elders are an important and growing part of our communities, and their active involvement enriches everyone’s lives. To ensure that older adults continue to play an active part in our communities, they often need support to live independently in their own homes, surrounded by friends, families and neighbours. United Way British Columbia supports Seniors to age with dignity and in the comfort of their own homes.

With funding provided by the government of B.C., the United Way manages the operation of over 85 Better at Home programs across the province. Better at Home is looking for Volunteers! Better at Home services vary from community to community.

The basket of services includes: • Light Housekeeping • Transportation to Appointments • Friendly Visiting • Grocery Shopping • Light Yard Work • Minor Home Repairs • Snow Shoveling

Plus a book & movie Christina Rupp recommends you enjoy: “To Kill a Mockingbird” and here is Book Link:

Product Tip – Clinique Skin Moisturizer:

Extra Note – Winter, 2023-2024: If you connect with Kathy White via: [email protected] and we schedule a coffee and chat for around 30 minutes to discuss real estate in Whistler or for other regional area of BC / Canada … happy to mail you some delicious coffee from & a tasty Whistler Chocolate Bar from as my thank you gift. Visit:

Phase 1 and Phase 2: Whistler, BC

As a full-time Realtor® Advisor / Personal Real Estate Corporation in Whistler with over 20+ years of realty career experience in the British Columbia, happy to share my perspective on these two property uses in our wonderful year-round Resort (Winter 2010 ~ Olympic Host Village), just north of Vancouver and YVR Airport.

Photo Credit: Tourism Whistler

Here is Resort Municipality of Whistler = summary of Phase 1 & 2 for your review:

  • Phase 1 rental pool covenants are less restrictive than Phase 2 rental pool covenants. Phase 1 covenants are intended to maximize occupancy of properties for use by owners and visitors. When not in owner use, the covenants generally require the accommodation units be made available to the public through a rental pool. For properties where the covenant does not specify a single, integrated rental pool, RMOW Council policy supports multiple rental booking and unit management arrangements within a property, including the self-management rental of units by owners. RMOW Business License: Click Here
  • Example Phase 1: The Aspens / Town Plaza / Glacier’s Reach (you’ll see via websites property owners can self-manage or hire a company to manage bookings / operations)

Photo Credit: Tourism Whistler

  • Phase 2 rental pool covenants require that all units must be available for commercial rental to the public at all times except for limited owner use. Owners have a basic allotment for personal use of their unit, limited to 28 days for a defined summer period and 28 days for a defined winter period. Terms specifying how and when owners may use their basic allotment are detailed in the covenants. The terms also specify opportunities for additional owner use. Every accommodation unit on the property must be placed or listed in a single, integrated rental pool, as selected by the strata owners, through which the units will be made available for rental to the public. This provides for the orderly and assured management of reservations and use of units by the public and unit owners.
  • Example Phase 2: Westin Resort & Spa / Pan Pacific Mountainside / Four Seasons Resort

Encourage those who are looking to sell and buy a Phase 1 and 2 rental covenant property and other forms of property ownership in Whistler from deeded time ownership, quarter-share and residential zoned regions to reach out via email: [email protected] or call / text: 1-604-616-6933 for further assistance. There are indeed complexities for each community complex / building in Whistler and further research is very important.

As a Realtor®, I would also encourage everyone to hire independent legal, accounting and other professional consulting advice before proceeding, plus evaluating the current Federal, Provincial and Municipal Taxes and ongoing property costs that apply each year. I’m here to help, visit

Whistler – Heat Pump / Furnace System Year-Round!

As we move into the future, in order to reduce climate change & increase sustainability …

Would like to promote the idea of you meeting with a local heating & plumbing company to explore installing a “Heat Pump / Furnace” dual-system for year-round use & cost savings.

Another opportunity is to explore energy & cost saving grants available with your installer!

For example, Clean BC via Resort Municipality is currently offering $350 rebate: Click Here

Whistler & Sea To Sky Corridor – companies to obtain details, quotes & client testimonials:

Custom Air / Pipeline Heating / Pemberton Heating

Milani Heating / Western Technical Systems / Align Climate Solutions

A heat pump and furnace system in a townhouse typically refers to a dual-fuel heating system that combines the benefits of both a heat pump and a furnace. This type of system is designed to efficiently heat your home in various weather conditions.

  1. Heat Pump:
    • A heat pump is an electrical device that moves heat from one place to another. In heating mode, it extracts heat from the outdoor air (even in cold weather) and transfers it inside to warm the home.
    • Heat pumps are energy-efficient and cost-effective for moderate climates. However, their efficiency can decrease as the outdoor temperature drops.
  2. Furnace:
    • A furnace is a heating system that generates heat by burning fuel, typically natural gas or propane. This produces warm air, which is then circulated through the house via a system of ducts.
    • Furnaces are effective in providing reliable and consistent heat, especially in colder climates.

How the System Works:

  • In milder temperatures, the heat pump is the primary heating source. It operates efficiently and economically by using ambient air to extract heat.
  • As outdoor temperatures drop, the system may automatically switch to the furnace. Furnaces are more effective in extremely cold conditions, providing reliable heat even when the heat pump’s efficiency decreases.
  • The system is often equipped with a thermostat that can automatically switch between the heat pump and the furnace based on the outdoor temperature or other programmed parameters.


  • Energy Efficiency: The heat pump operates efficiently in moderate temperatures, while the furnace provides reliable heat in colder conditions.
  • Cost Savings: The system can be cost-effective, as it utilizes the most energy-efficient method based on the current outdoor conditions.
  • Versatility: The system adapts to varying weather conditions, providing comfort throughout the year.


  • Installation: Proper installation and sizing of both the heat pump and furnace are crucial for optimal performance.
  • Thermostat Control: A programmable thermostat with dual-fuel capabilities is often used to manage the transition between the heat pump and furnace.

It’s important to note that the specific configuration and features of the dual-fuel system may vary, and consulting with a qualified HVAC professional is recommended for a system tailored to the specific needs of your townhouse.

Encourage those who are looking to install or replace a property heating system, or exploring option to sell and buy a property in our Resort will reach out to connect via email: [email protected] or call / text: 1-604-616-6933 for further assistance. As a Realtor® Advisor / Personal Real Estate Corporation, I would also encourage everyone to hire independent legal, accounting and other professional consulting advice before proceeding, plus evaluating the current Federal, Provincial and Municipal Taxes and ongoing property costs that apply each year. I’m here to help, visit

Whistler Lifestyle Locator Realtor® Tips

Autumn / Early Winter = seasonal ideas we can review together

It’s wonderful to take time before the snow flies in the Whistler & Sea to Sky Corridor to take a walk around your property or work with your strata corporation community to develop a plan for the colder, wet weather. Think about landscaping cleanup & obtaining snow clearing contracts. Confirm winter tires are in good condition + carry tire chains.

Sometimes, if you’re travelling or only come to Whistler part-time your property insurance may be voidable. Should you install upgraded security system, or home remote-operation system. Don’t hesitate to connect with me for community resources & business services.

Whistler Realtor® Advisor *PREC

Associate Broker & CREA Global and NAR – CIPS Realtor®

Those may seem like like a lot of acronyms like many professional career industries.

Although, don’t be concerned – it means I’m here to help you as a full-time dedicated Realtor® with over 25 years of realty career experience in British Columbia to help you and your family and friends to find their Whistler legacy home or rental investment property.

It’s really important as a career Realtor® to continually learn and obtain PDP education credits each time our licence gets renewed to keep updated on real estate trends.

I offer a local to global focused Realtor® diligent & fun work style to help evaluate next steps in alignment with real state industry trends in BC and review other jurisdictions.

As a Realtor® and also a global traveller, it’s fascinating to see the different business models of real estate around the world and connect with colleagues via USA National Association of Realtors accredited CIPS course program to meet other global Realtors®

Wish that I could be in two places … but life and career timing sometimes is challenging!

Excited for all those who will be attending the NAR – NXT 2023 Conference in Anaheim, and will try to watch some of the Nov. 14 to 16, 2023 sessions online: click here

Instead, I will be attending a BC Real Estate Association – Managing Broker / Associate Broker Conference in Richmond, BC on Nov. 8 and 9, 2023: click here

Working at a variety of real estate companies in British Columbia, I can truly say the local to global Realtor® Advisor network and excellent management at this International real estate company brokerage has been one of the best experiences of my career.

For my seller and buyer real estate clients, there are excellent E&V company resources and innovative sales + marketing systems to help with the smooth & timely realty transaction.

I’m excited to join my E&V Americas Realtor® Advisor colleagues at EVX2024 – Las Vegas!

Welcome to Lovely Autumn in Whistler

You can just tell … the temperature changes slightly, the colour of the leaves start to turn a golden hue and the kids are back to school / university. A wonderful time to explore Whistler for your future legacy home or rental investment property at this time of year!

Photo Credit:

Also, it’s a good time for new property owners and many long term local residents in Whistler and the Sea to Sky Corridor to reflect and plan home / investment property projects that should be done before the ‘snow flies’ and we get out our skis, snowboards and fat tire snow bikes!

It is time to get an updated Home Inspection report?

Is it time to hire the snow removal contractor?

Are you thinking it’s time to downsize and relocate to another community?

What about a renovation to ‘age in place with grace & style’ or add a suite?

Photo Credit: Tourism Whistler

As you’re researching those decisions … don’t forget there is a lot of events and biking to enjoy in the crisp autumn weather and consider adding sweater / layers when hiking. The WHistler Farmer’s Market is on every sunday until October 8 & other Tourism Whistler events can be found at: Touism Whistler Events Calendar

Join us to capture the spectacular year-round seasons in Whistler, a scenic drive North from Vancouver, BC and for your real estate needs and community resources, I’m here to help. Visit: or call me at +1 604-616-6933

Photo Credit: Tourism Whistler

Welcome to Whistler Creekside ………………… So Exciting!

As a family, we would drive up to Whistler in the early 1970’s to line up with the other families at Whistler Creekside to go up the Whistler Gondola to take the long Red Chair to the top and enjoy vistas of London Mountain / renamed to Whistler Mountain after the whistling marmots that were in the area … thus a ski / life journey began for me!

View of Whistler Mountain – Saddle from RoundHouse 1970’s

Now, I’m here again enjoying the Whistler Creekside as a full-time Realtor in Whistler working for exciting Engel & Volkers – Whistler to help sellers and buyers find their future Whistler legacy home and / or rental investment property.

Today I am highlighting the Whistler Creekside Village which is right next to my seller’s listing at: #219 – 2050 Lake Placid Road = minutes away from the new Whistler Mountain lifts for both winter skiing / snowboarding and summer downhill mountain bike access. Plus the advantage of strolling to shops and services and nearby lakes & valley trails.

Also, in the area of the Creekside lifts is the private gondola access for homeowners and their guests to Kadenwood = a location of luxury Resort homes with ski in/out trail access

You can view my seller’s listing at: 2928 Big Timber Court = one of the last Large Lots to create and build your vision of a legacy Resort Mountain residence that also has the Phase 1 property covenant that permits nightly rentals for those looking for investment option!

It’s time to sit back and relax with me in the Whistler Creekside area …. Think about starting your day with a delicious cup of coffee from Rockit Coffee , then sit by Ed’s Bred to smell the fresh baked goods while you review Whistler property listings on your laptop along the Creekside Stroll. Then after shopping at elegant 122 West, you’ll want to relax on the Mekong Restaurant patio, possibly get your hair style updated at Mountain Chic or work out at Altitude Fitness.

During your time at Creekside you’ll meet lots of local residents – such a wonderful fabric of Whistler Resort from the time I started skiing here, through Expo 1986 and being the Host Winter Olympic Village in 2010 … our year-round Resort is gaining popularity with visitors from around the world that keep coming back because it feels welcoming and fascinating.

Don’t delay …. secure your future Whistler residence with my help by calling: +1 604-616-6933 and join us to enjoy the year-round benefits of living in our exciting mountain town, yet so close to the other Sea to Sky Corridor communities of Pemberton & Squamish.

You’ll also be pleased to note that during the summer months Harbour Air comes to our community and there is always the bus services from downtown or YVR Airport.